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Cell and Gene therapy innovation summit, 7-8 Feb 2018, Berlin

In February 2018, at a congress on cell and gene therapy innovation in Berlin, C. Le Bec (Généthon) presented her work on analytical issues for AAV gene therapy products.

ISBiotech Spring Meeting, March 2017, Washington DC

In March 2017, E. Ayuso (Université de Nantes) presented comparative studies of AAV2 manufacturing : mammalian cells versus insect cells at a meeting of the ISB Biotech in Washington.

ISBiotech Spring Meeting, March 2016, Washington DC

E. Ayuso (Université de Nantes) presented in March 2016, at an ISB Biotech congress in Washington DC, his work on Identification and quantification of DNA species in rAAV stocks by High-Throughput Sequencing.

ESCGT Congress, 17 to 20 September 2015

The partners of the PGT consortium will attend the annual meeting of the European Society for Gene and Cell Therapy at Helsinki from 17-20 September 2015. Latest developments in vector production and characterization will be presented by the CHU Nantes and GENETHON.

Le laboratoire du Téléthon cherche à passer à la phase industrielle (Les Echos)

Généthon veut trouver des fonds pour un investissement de 100 millions d’euros. « Construire une usine, capable de fabriquer les produits de thérapie génique à l’échelle industrielle nécessite un investissement de 100 millions d’euros » : pour Frédéric Revah, directeur général de Généthon, un tel investissement est hors de portée de sa structure. Financé grâce aux dons de l’AFM-Téléthon, … [Read more]

Généthon, Winner of the World Innovation Competition 2030

Tuesday April 28, during a ceremony at the Elysee Palace, Généthon, the laboratory of the AFM-Telethon, was named recipient of the Global Innovation Competition 2030 in the category “Risk lift.” A prize that rewards the expert laboratory and world leader in the field of gene therapy for the development of an industrial production process of gene therapy vectors. Read … [Read more]

ISBiotech 5th Spring meeting

Genethon will present different works at the ISBiotech 5th Spring meeting on March, that takes place in Washington DC, USA. More information

Genethon presented a work at Insectinov

Genethon presented a work entitled “production of AAV vectors for gene therapie of rare diseases using insect cells » at Insectinov, in Romainville (France), on December, 2014. More information

Biogenouest: The life science and environment core facility network

Partners of the PGT consortium presented their work at Biogenouest, in Rennes (France), on November, 2014. Agenda Read more about Biogenouest

European congress of Gene and Cell therapy (ESGCT)

The PGT consortium will be present at the European congress of Gene and Cell therapy (ESGCT) in The Hague (Netherlands), October 23-26, 2014.